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Welcome to MFBeyblade-OCs!
A place for all you Metal Fight Beyblade OCs lovers.
Here you can show your Metal Fight Beyblade OC and get to know other members OCs. Please, enjoy your stay, be nice with the other members and please, take your time to read the group's rules and the submission's rules.

General Rules

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraBe nice and respectful with the other members.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraRespect everyone's OCs. If you don't like an specific OC, please do not bash the OC nor the creator.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraNo shipping wars please. Respect everyone's ships, this is NOT a battlefield, we're here to have fun.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraBashing and Harrasment will not be tolerated. Any member who bash/harras other member(s) will be kicked out of the group.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraAny form of theft (art theft, character theft, etc) will not be tolerated either. Any member(s) caught doing this will be kicked out of the group.

Blue Circle Bullet by GasaraThis is a group for Metal Fight Beyblade OCs ONLY.
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OCs, Beyblade Burst OCs and Beywheelz/Beyraiderz OCs are NOT allowed.

Blue Right Bullet by GasaraFor Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OCs, join this group :iconbeybladeocsclub:

Blue Right Bullet by GasaraFor Beyblade Burst OCs, join this group :icongo-beyblade-burst:

Blue Right Bullet by GasaraFor Beywheelz/Beyraiderz OCs, join this group :iconbeyraiderz-fanclub:

Submissions Rules

Please, submit your stuffs to the correct folders and don't submit anything that is not made by you.

If your picture is scanned or a photography, please make sure they have a good quality, poorly scanned pictures and blurry photos will not be accepted.

Right Mood Icon by GasaraAllowed:

Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieAll types of media (digital, traditional, artisan crafts, etc) as long as your work is MFB OC related.
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieOCs from any of the Metal Fight series (Metal Fusion - Metal Masters - Metal Fury - Zero G/Shogun Steel).
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieNext generation OCs (children OCs).
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieOCxCanon couples.
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieSame sex couples.
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieCrossovers.
Pink Tick Bullet by SukiieSexy/Mature works are allowed as long as you keep it mild.

Right Mood Icon by GasaraNOT Allowed:

Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieNO Screenshots, official art, demotivational posters, fanart taken from other artists and basically anything that IS NOT fully made by you.
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieRecolors, edits and traced pictures.
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiiePornographic works.
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieAnything that violates DA policy.
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieWorks that features canon characters only (there has to be at least one MFB OC on your work to be accepted on the group).
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieAnything that is meant to attack/bash an OC or an user.

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by GasaraIf you don't follow the submissions rules, your submission will be denied

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by GasaraTake a look to this Blog Entry if you're not sure wich folder to submit your work. Also you'll find more information about what you can and you cannot submit to the group's gallery.

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by GasaraThis group accepts all Art Levels as long as is FULLY made by you. Please, DO NOT submit recolors, edits, pictures you found on the web NOR traced works.

Gallery Folders

MFB OC:: Blader ID Card  - Blank Template by Priss-BloodEmpress
Blader ID Cards
Beyblade ID Card- Lucas McKandless by shadowritergirl
MFB OC ID Card: Isamu Hikou by GalaxyPegasus14
MFB OC ID Card: Arashi Hikou by GalaxyPegasus14
Metal Fight Rien ID Card by Yevas
OC Art - Digital
Blinded by GalaxyPegasus14
Nyarai Estrada-Marquez by Mint-Quetzal
*Amira:* by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
Zephyr Otori:* by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
OC Art - Traditional
W.I.P Nyarai by Mint-Quetzal
The Lil' Mermaid Frieda by CutieAngel999
Frieda and Who is That?! by CutieAngel999
Frieda Closeup (2016) by CutieAngel999
Couples - Canon x OC
BeyMF::. Nap - Remake by Priss-BloodEmpress
Momo x Nile (Special Request 26/50) by GwenethSong
Bao and Mayuri [IcyCryStaLHeaRt Commission] by Pyoco
MFB:* Some time together by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
Couples - OC x OC
MFB:* Stereo Hearts by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
.:MFB:. WildBird Shipping [Ryuk x Raiko] by StrawbeeryShake97
Baka ! by DragonEmpress666
FIREFLIES by DragonEmpress666
FreeFlightShipping: Next Generation by GalaxyPegasus14
..:MFB:..Summer Festival by Xireixi
MFB: If You Had Stayed by Xireixi
Kaeden's First Day by TheNomzMonster
MFB:*Got you! by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
commission 4 yuzuerinavictoria by hikariangelove
.:: Playing with fire ::. by theCursedDragon
:BMF: Storytime by RollingBubblesfan
References - Bios
Bit Beasts - Bey Spirits
MFB:* Chassiopaii/Peafowl by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
Bitbeast Volcanio Wyvern by DragonEmpress666
Star Chimera Beast by GalaxyPegasus14
Bitbeast:*Crane by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
BeyMF AU::. Rookie Partners by Priss-BloodEmpress
Friendship by Ruko-Kuroki
Crane/Owl:* by IcyCryStaLHeaRt
Gift : For my lovely eheweib by DragonEmpress666
Ask OCs
Q+A It's what you think it is by NuRane-Revived
Q+A Family members..let's not talk about that by NuRane-Revived
ASK LIL ALIO ~ by Aliocornia
Question Number 1 by shadowritergirl







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